The Lodge provides a free advisory service to book activities for our guests with reputable companies who are known to and trusted by the owner and manager.

Activities include: White water rafting, bungee jumping, river cruises, abseiling, elephant back safaris, walk with the lions, exotic dinners, canoeing, zip line, fishing, flights over the Victoria Falls, horseback trails, kayaking, river boarding, swimming, game drives, game walks, bush dinners, dinner on the river, conducted tours of the Victoria Falls by expert guides

Top activities to enjoy around the Victoria Falls Hotel

  • Visit the Victoria Falls rainforest. View up to 12 million liters of water per second plunging over the 1700 meters long cliff into the gorge.
  • Zambezi River cruise. This is the iconic Victoria Falls activity: A leisurely cruise with drinks and snacks celebrating the end of another glorious African day... what could possibly be better?
  • High Tea at The Stanley Terrace at Victoria Falls Hotel. Enjoy scones, jam and cream and other delights washed down with the tea of your choice. This is old fashioned indulgence.
  • Enjoy an evening of African entertainment at The Boma restaurant. Traditional African cruisine followed by a drumming session is a fun way to end a day.
  • Get pampered at the beauty salon at Victoria Falls Hotel. Destress, relax and enjoy.

Top Victoria Falls Adventure activities

  • Elephant Back Safari: Get up close and personal with an African Elephant. A gentle walk atop the back of an elephant followed by an interaction with your pachyderm.
  • White River Rafting: The ultimate stomach wrenching adrenaline activity. In our opinion the best in the world. Expect up to grade 5 rapids.
  • Bungee: Jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge. Definitely not for sissies.
  • Zip line: Heart wizzing fun on this foofy slide that glides you over the Falls. Go by yourself or tandem with a friend. Fun and not too scary.
  • Helicopter flight of Angels. Get a birds eye view of Victoria Falls. If you are up for some adventure try the microlight flight of angels... Only you and the pilot and the best view on earth.
  • Take the steam train from the station behind the Victoria Falls Hotel to the old Victoria Falls bridge. Drinks and snacks included.